Friday, June 3, 2011

My Newspaper/Moch Frap Time

We used to get the full subscription to the Star Ledger but we had to make cuts in the budget because of rising expenses in other areas like the cost of gas so now we only get the Sunday subscription which also includes Thursdays and certain holidays. It's kind of strange that they don't have a weekender subscription though. Thursday's edition has the sales flyers in it. I really miss gettting the paper everyday esp. on Wednesdays and Fridays. For the past few weeks I have actually been going to Shop Rite very early in the morning on those 2 days for the paper. I pray that my brother will not wake up early and interrupt my nice, quiet paper reading/mocha frappuccino drinking time. He is very rude and doesn't care that it bothers me that he talks as I try to read. He would just say that I'm crazy if he knew that I do this. I am up at 4:30 and at the store before they even brought the papers in and put them on the shelf. I love the Ticket and Munchmobile section. In the summertime they go to different places throughout NJ and have a theme every week. It was pancake, waffle and french toast last week and 2 of these aren't that far from me - Westfield and Elizabeth.

I started out only having a mocha frap 2 days a week - on Sundays and Thursdays but now that I get the paper on the other 2 days I have it then too. The two things go together well for me. I do have a banana as well because just the mocha frap would not be a very good breakfast. I now have this on the other 2 days as well in addition to Saturdays when I am reading the Entertainment Weekly which comes on Fridays and I save it for early the next morning. I really am going to have to cut back on that drink though because even on sale it is 5.00 for the 4 pack and I am having to cut back on my savings fund for important things like new eyeglasses just to have the money for this. Sometimes I feel like I am addicted to the stuff. I think that the price of it will be going up soon because I read that the price of coffee is increasing so maybe it will be on sale for 6.00 instead. I have to have it despite that. I usually drink decaffinated coffee but this is definitely not decaf. I kind of feel a little energized after drinking it but also a bit jittery. I will be just going to the store for the paper on Fridays from now on though - probably.


Blast from the Past said...

LaraAnn - Looks like a good way to start the day! I've never been much of a newspaper reader, but I do love to do a good crossword as often as I can.

I love the mocha fraps, too, but I just started (06/01) to cut out coffee all together. I'm trying to get healthier and this is one of the steps I'm taking. As I'm going through withdrawal (usually have two cups of coffee a day) I'm dealing with headaches, but I am determined to get through it.

I hate to admit that I'm at all addicted, but the fact that I', having headaches kind of proves it. Oh well - on to better things, like water. I've learned that I need to drink a lot more of it!

LaraAnn said...

I hope that you are successful in ending the caffine addiction. It seems like you have the willpower to do so. I don't know if Icould give up my mocha frap completely though. I should try to go back to just 2 or 3 a week. These past 2 weeks I've been very bad - 5 per week.

I don't drink enough water either -only a bottle a day. I should probably try to increase this like you are. I have been eating more fruits and veggies lately. I can tell how much better I feel since doing this. Good luck with your efforts to get healthier.

Chelly said...

We don't get the paper everyday anymore either. Now, it's just once in awhile. I usually check online for news but having a newspaper in your hands, flipping through the pages and browsing section by section, is a different experience altogether. I like your routine of getting the paper early in the morning and having some quiet time for yourself with a mocha frapp. Sounds lovely.

LaraAnn said...

Chelly - I had to go to a different store for the paper this morning because it still hadn't been delivered to Shop Rite so the cashier told me to try Quick Check. It is nice being up so early. Hardly any cars on the road which is great. I usually am in bed by 9:00 though and am up even before the alarm is set to go off at 4:30.

It's nice having someone who agrees with me about actually reading a newspaper - my brother thinks it's stupid and that I should just stick to getting my news from the computer.

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