Friday, June 24, 2011

The Sandbox

Here I am having some fun in my sandbox in 1971. I was only about a year and a half so I can't remember this. My earliest memory is not a happy one like this, it's of my dad carrying me in the cemetary and accidentally burning my arm with his cigarette. I see that he is smoking in this photo too. I was probably around 3 or 4 when that happened. It seems that my most vivid memories are often the upsetting ones. What are some of your earliest memories?


Chelly said...

You are so cute in that pic - which by the way is a sweet one of you and your dad! Aww, at that young age the cigarette burning your arm must have been painful, even more so.

Yes many vivid memories are upsetting ones. I find that too. Perhaps it's because they engage our emotions so, and we learn a lot from them. But my earliest memories: one is of driving in the car with my mum and relatives and the other is Christmas morning, eating mint chocolates and watching a Hansel and Gretel cartoon while wearing a pretty white dress with the tree shining in the back. :)

Chelly said...

PS: thank you so much for your kind comment you left on my blog. It's indeed a blessing to have you as a friend. I am happy to have found your blog too - I do enjoy reading your posts. :)

LaraAnn said...

Hi, Chelly - Thanks so much. I don't have that many pics of Dad and I together looking happy like this. I like your happy memory alot. I've always loved mint chocolates. Your dress sounds lovely. I had a couple of white dresses that were my favs back in the early 80's.

Now that you've mentioned it, the drives with my family to visit relatives in South Jersey were pretty good times. I'll always have happy Christmas memories too up until about 1984.

I am so glad that you enjoy reading my posts. Sometimes I have such trouble writing them and also my journal entries. I always appreciate your nice comments which keep me motivated to keep writing even when I'm getting frustrated about this.

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