Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Stuffed Animals 2

I still have the teddy bear that I got for my first birthday in December of 1970. I am glad that we kept that and also the tiger which is my mom's. I think she got it in 1968 or 1969. We have a picture of it from when I was a baby that I also scanned but can't seem to find. I must've put it in the wrong folder on my computer. Which stuffed animal or toys do you still have from your childhood?


Blast from the Past said...

My froggy! My Grandmother made all of us kids frogs that were a green corduroy on their back and then some wild print material on their bellys.

Us four kids and the six great grand-kids all still have them! Their pretty cool!

LaraAnn said...

They sound so cute. It's great that you still have them. I always liked the stuffed animals that my grandma made us the best and am glad that we kept ours too.

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