Friday, April 8, 2011

Handmade Sweaters

Mom used to knit me sweaters. I wish that I had kept all of them, at least I have photos of some. Boy did I have big eyeglass frames in that top photo from 1988. The blue sweater in the 2nd one from 1980 was always my favourite. She also knitted this pattern in different colours for my 2 friends. I remember the burgandy turtleneck one being very soft yarn. The tan one was my 1988 birthday gift. I did keep the peach sweater the longest up until about 1997. We still have some of the patterns that she used. She tried teaching me to knit but it was too hard for me and I gave up on this. She made mittens for me and my friends for my birthday party in the early 80's and a few clothes for my dolls in the 70's too.


Chelly said...

Hi LaraAnn!

I love how you've documented your early years on this blog: the details, the pics...everything. Just lovely.

I never did get the hang of knitting either. :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

PS: are you on twitter? send me an email if you are. I'll add you.


LaraAnn said...

Chelly - thank you so much. I write things down and plan my posts ahead of time otherwise I'll forget stuff in them. I've got a bunch of photos saved in the computer too.

Haven't looked into getting a Twitter account yet but I was thinking about it so if I do I'll let you know. I am on Facebook though. I was going to try to add a link to it here so people can see my pictures there but haven't quite figured out how to do so yet.

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