Monday, January 10, 2011

Germany 1989

Ricky was an exchange student from Germany in our high school during junior year (1985-1986) who I became friends with. Afterwards we kept in touch through the mail for a few years. She invited me to visit her which I did in the spring of 1989. Her family was very nice. They lived in Cuxhaven which is all the way up by the North Sea which we went out onto in her Dad's boat one day Places that I went included her hometown , Kaufburen, Wurzburg, Rothenburg and the Castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria which we took a train to and stopped in Hamburg for about 10 minutes - we got off there so I could take a quick look at the city. I only wish that I had stayed over there longer than 7 days. It would have been unpaid vacation time but it would have been worth it. I think that her dad mentioned us going to Berlin. I flew on the cheaper subsidiary airline of Lufthansa - Condor - to the airport in Frankfurt. I can't remember which city I got a connecting flight to. I didn't take that many pictures which I regret. The ones here are of her and her family by their house and of Cuxhaven. I had a very good time there.

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