Friday, January 14, 2011

Cranford Pool - 1980s

I have summertime on my mind on this very cold day. My family were members at the Cranford pool for a few years in the 1980s Mom made us take swimming lessons and I'm glad that she did. I was scared of the diving part though. One time I nearly hit my head on the board. I was always better at the backstroke. Our friends the Trescots were also members there. Sometimes we would get sub sandwiches from the Butcher Block which was nearby. I had forgotten that I had kept this certificate, card and pass until recently when I was looking in my scrapbook. I haven't really liked going into a pool for a long time. The chlorine irritates my eyes and my vision has gotten so bad that I don't like not having my glasses on. I do have some good memories of going to this pool though.

1 comment:

Jay Amabile said...

wow! my family used to go there for years!

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