Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Arts and Crafts 2

In the 70's and early 80's my mom was into doing this craft. I don't remember for sure what the company was but there was a catalog with pictures that you would use these tubes of paint pens to color these. I think it was Tri-Chem. The material of the pictures was felt - like. Maybe this info would be on the internet somewhere and I probably should've looked it up before doing this post. There were also iron on patterns. Mom put some on 2 pillow cases and a couple of shirts. I drew pictures on one of the pillow cases with the paint. The other pillow case said Some Don't - not sure what happened to that one. I loved the big Santa wall hanging that mom made. I think that we still have it in the basement somewhere. Mom did this raccoon picture to add to my raccoon collection. It was in a nice frame but dad took this from me. I had it hanging on the wall with a tack for a long time before getting this frame. For my Catholic grade school she did a religious photo. They had special paint that in the dark would glow which was cool. I remember the smell of the paint - I was weird for kind of liking that.

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