Friday, August 5, 2011

My Two Grandmas - 1983

The top photo is of my father's mother , our grandma next door. Mom married the boy next door. They moved into my mom's mother's apartment and she moved onto the farm with her brothers. We got to see Grandma Wancea practically everyday. That's our cousin Sal in back of my brother. He's the son of Aunt Dorothy, my dad's sister who recently passed away. We did not get to see our grandma at the farm that much, just 3 - 5 times a year. It's not like she lived that far, just about an hour away. Dad didn't seem to like going there which isn't fair. Cousin Mary is in the picture with Mark, Grandma Wrunski and I. This must've been about the time of our return trip from Florida. We always though of her as grandma at the farm even when she moved to a house closer to Aunt Al. She died in 1986 a few months after her 80th birthday.


Pam@GoRetro said...

Oh...I love these old photos. My grandfather on my mother's side passed away before I was born, and my grandmother when I was only one or two. I wish I had been able to get to know the two of them.

And thanks for nominating my blog, LaraAnn! You rock! Have a great weekend.

LaraAnn said...

Pam - I wanted to scan some more but there's a problem with the printer/scanner, we might need to get a new one. I do have lots done already though.

It's such a shame that you never got to know your grandmas. It was the same way with both my grandfathers, my mom's father died in 1967 and I'm not sure about Dad's father - maybe 1968. I guess that I should just be appreciating the fact that I got to spend time with Grandma Wrunski even though it wasn't that often. I just hope that we can see all our loved ones in the afterlife which there better be.

I was happy to nominate your blog -I'll be praying that you do win. Hope that you've been having a good weekend so far.

Chelly said...

I love these photos too. How awesome must it have been for you to have a grandma next door! And is it ever sweet that your mom married the boy next door. Can't tell you how much I love those kinds of stories. Ah! :)

I met all of my grandparents except for my dad's father who passed away when my dad was only 10 years old. But sadly, I never spent a great deal of time with any of the others (only during short visits) - they lived so far away. It's something that hurts when I think about it. I would have loved to have known them more.

LaraAnn said...

Chelly - I can totally relate about how emotionally painful it is not to have spent more time with your grandparents. Grandma at the farm was like me, loved to read and cook. I would've so enjoyed to cook with her and talk about books.

It was nice having a grandma next door, although she did seem to complain alot which is where my brother must get this tendency from. I loved watching The Price Is Right with her.

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