Friday, August 12, 2011

Former Favourite Foods

I had this commercial jingle playing in my head this morning so I just had to look it up. I liked the Mounds and Mom liked the Almond Joy. I didn't remember that they had a milk chocolate Mounds though. I don't really like this candy much anymore because the coconut makes gives me an upset stomach. I hate that certain foods that I used to enjoy do that to me now, like peppers. Mom would always make us our favorite meal for our birthdays when we were kids and mine was always stuffed peppers.


Chelly said...

I haven't heard that song in ages. Wow. Brings back memories! Thx for posting this.

That's a sweet memory Lara, the one about your mom making you stuffed peppers b/c they were your favorite. Aren't moms the best?

Such a shame you can't eat them any more. My brother has a lot of foods that he cant eat now that he could when he was younger. It sucks.

LaraAnn said...

It's amazing how commercial jingles from back then stay in your brain. Those from our childhood seem so much better and definitely more memorable than those of today. I enjoyed sharing this and am happy that you liked it.

Mom was always such a good cook. I've had her recipe for the stuffed peppers for years but haven't made this for my mom and brother because even though it's the same one I'm afraid that they won't turn out as good as hers. What kind of mom dishes did you enjoy? Which foods can't your brother eat anymore?

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