Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Disney World 1976 - Part 3

I was looking through my photo albums the other day and it just hit me that it has been 35 years since my family and I went to Disney World. I just had to scan some more of these photos. I had done a couple of posts about our trip there before but never really labeled them 1 and 2. These bring back some great vacation memories for me.

The top set of photos is the Haunted Mansion and Adventureland. The 2nd set includes Mark, Mom and I by the castle and also outside the Disney Story. The 3rd set has Mark and I by the train ride and riverboat and also includes the ride that we never went on that time or during our 1983 trip - I think it's called Space Mountain. The bottom 4 photos are of It's A Small World.


Chelly said...

Love pics from the 70s. The colors are just amazing - they really capture the times. You guys look so adorable in those pics.

that haunted mansion looks cool! :)

lazlo1988 said...

I love Disney, and luckily I nearby enough to visit it occasionally. The '70s was when Walt Disney World was still new, as it opened in 1971, so it was still fresh and had no "revisions" (like they've done to Tomorrowland). In the '80s came Epcot, so new bcak then too, and I remember visiting it when it first opened.

There are so many memories tied in with Disney. Theres also something about photography from the '70s that indeeed looks like the '70s. It just adds a particular touch to it.

LaraAnn said...

Chelly - Thanks. Whenever I look at the family album, my fav pictures are the 70s and early 80s. Although digital technology is cool, I still prefer the old school photographs. I remember a little about the haunted mansion - it was fun. Pirates of the Caribbean was the ride that my brother and I liked the most there.

lazlo - I wasn't aware that they've changed Tomorrowland but I guess they would have had to do so but it's a shame they couldn't have kept things the same. It must have been nice to be close and visit the park occasionally. Epcot was great. I loved the world pavillion part there - I think that's what it's called.

Chelly and lazlo-
I had copies made of many of my old photos back in the mid 90's but they were glossy and don't look as good. I should have chosen the matte finish to have them looking more like the original. I did that project because my brother foolishly threw out some of our photos. We didn't have negatives for everything though. Dad took those during the divorce and I don't really associate with him. I did ask him once to borrow them but he came up with a lame excuse which isn't fair.

Darrin.. said...

That retro pic of The Haunted Mansion looks spooky! Man.. so much of Disney has changed, and so much hasn't. Awesome pics!!

LaraAnn said...

Darrin- I'm so pleased that you enjoyed seeing my Disney photos. It sure is nice sharing my love of Disney with you and my other blog friends.

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