Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Duran Duran - NYC October 25, 2011

My brother and I really enjoyed this concert 2 weeks ago. The seats were better than I expected - 5th row in the bottom section towards the left in a section towards the left but not close to the stage. Those seats would've cost 30.00 more. I might have been willing to pay that if my brother hadn't wanted to come with me. I suppose we could've gotten tickets in seperate sections. Nah- I would've been cutting into my computer savings fund to do so. I guess that I got a little spoiled after the last 3 concerts of general admission and being pretty close to the stage.

My brother was happy when they did The Reflex, Notorious and Wild Boys, the latter being not a song of theirs that I really care for. I was pleased that the did Planet Earth, Is There Something I Should Know and Careless Memories. Mark seemed a little disappointed that they didn't do Girls on Film, nor did they perform Save a Prayer. I wasn't that upset about this but felt bad for the people who had either never seen them in concert before or haven't in a long time so if they liked these songs I'm sure they would've been disappointed just as I would've been if they hadn't done the 3 that I mentioned.

They did 7 songs from the new album. I like Leave a Light On and Before the Rain. Mark said that they should've only done 5. I didn't even have the new album yet. I ordered this a couple days after the concert. I usually buy the souvenir tour books at Duran Duran and Bon Jovi concerts but did not do so this year for either group. It was 35.00. I need that money for more important things now. Rio, my former #1 favourite song was last and right after the show I was already wishing that I could see them again.

Yes, I did look into getting tickets for Atlantic City but there were none available when I checked a few times. No way would I drive down there. I looked into options and taking a bus from NYC seemed the best bet. The Borgata just happens to be the place furthest from the station so I would've had to take a cab. It's probably for the best that this didn't work out because that Saturday was the day of the storm and power outage in New Jersey. I feel kind of embarrased for hoping that they will return to this area sometime next year so I can see them for one final time. This was the 8th time in 6 and a half years. The first was also at Madison Square Garden in 2005.

Someone spilled their beer on my jacket and my arm which was kind of upsetting. I've always been afraid that this would happen. I dislike the smell of beer. I tried to let this go but it was in the back of my mind a little during the first few songs. She did give me tissues to wipe it up and 5.00 toward the dry cleaning. I can sort of laugh about this a bit but it would've been nice if I didn't let it affect my enjoyment during those songs and also I was too embarrassed in the beginning to really get into the music because I was afraid that my brother would tease me alot about that. He is always teasing me which is annoying. He actually thinks that I have a crush on Simon LeBon. I'd rather him think that then know who it really is that I like in that group. I was using my binoculars alot, esp. on John Taylor. It was like being in the front row then. I wouldn't let myself use them as much at first though, also because of the shame issue.

I am so glad that I somehow found out about a presale for this event for WPLJ listeners. I forget how. This is why I was able to get such good seats. I haven't really listened to that station in a long time but I used to often. The 2 morning djs were on stage before the show. A group called Neon Trees was the opening act and they were on for about 30 minutes. I don't know anything about them. The one song did sound familiar.


lazlo1988 said...

This sounds like a great concert. And I think its with the original '80s-era lineup of Duran Duran, isn't it? (There was a different lineup in the '90s for awhile.) In any case, it must have been a blast to hear those great '80s songs again, from the original group themselves. This is the music I grew up on as well.

LaraAnn said...

It was indeed a wonderful show. It got me to reconsider getting rid of some of the DD stuff that I got on ebay over the past 5 years. Now I've gotten my brother into their music. He's been listening to them alot lately and of course teasing me about them.

The original lineup all except for Andy Taylor which I don't mind because I didn't really care for him that much anyway. He was with them when they first got back together for their Astronaut Tour in the mid 00's which I did go to the MSG show. I kind of don't even count the 2000 concert which was basically just the Simon and Nick show.

Hope that you have been well lately and enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

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