Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Basement - 1980s

This is the basement of our old apartment in the 1980's. The bottom one is from before my room was down there. I can't remember for sure what year Mark got his basement bedroom. It might've been 1982. It was 1984 for mine. We had our own living room area too. Dad had his own little section as well and there was the laundry area also. My favorite blue couch that used to be in our real living room was part of what seemed like our own apartment down there. Mark is playing a game with our friend Kim - I think it was backgammon.

I loved my pink carpet but by 1990 it got ruined by a flood. Many people would consider paneling cheesy, but I like it and wish that we had some in our current apartment. My grandma at the farm crocheted the blanket and a matching pillow that's on my bed. That photo is from the late 80's when my Beatles/McCartney/Wings phase began. I had such posters on my wall. Elvis is on the wall of our living room outside of my bedroom.

The photo of me in front of the shelves with my stuffed animals and jewelry box is from about 1985. I no longer have the jewelry box and many of the stuffed animals but wish that I did. I do have my Kermit and Piggy which I'm glad that I was smart enough to keep. I have the 2 raccoons and the doll as well.

I'm not sure what my brother is doing in our living room in the top photo. I'll have to look at the original photo and see if I can figure this out. Whenever I scan anything it makes the image less clear and smaller. I like the photo of him in his room from 1986. He has a Haley's Comet bandana hanging on the wall. He still has it in a storage tote.

That apartment is in my dreams alot, probably because it felt more like home which this one that we've been living in since late 1993 never has. Mark is always complaining that this place is a mess and it's true that it needs some major improvements like painting of the downstairs walls but we haven't been able to fit this into our budget. We'd still be living at the old place had my dad not moved back to his mom's house next door after my parents got divorced. Mom didn't want to stay in that neighborhood so now we are on the other side of town. She had married the boy next door.


lazlo1988 said...

"That photo is from the late 80's when my Beatles/McCartney/Wings phase began. I had such posters on my wall. Elvis is on the wall of our living room outside of my bedroom."

And whats wrong with that?
I'd like to know . . .
'Cause here I go . . . again . . .

Chelly said...

I love wooden paneling too. Something so quaint about it. Basements were really popular hangouts for kids/families in the 70s and 80s, weren't they? Loved them. Love all the details in your pics. So cool that we get to see your room from back then: really like the pink carpet, such a shame it got ruined in the flood. I used to have posters of River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves up in my room and also at times, fashion models who wore pretty dresses and makeup (always trying to get fashion inspiration/guidance).

You look great in these pics Lara. Thanks for sharing them with us. You would have been so fun to hang out with in the 80s.

lazlo1988 said...

PS: my previous comment was a quote from a Paul McCartney and Wings song, Silly Love Longs from 1976.

Just didnt want my comment to be taken the wrong way!!

LaraAnn said...

lazlo - I knew that this had to be a song and was trying to think of it - I'm terrible at remembering words. I like that one. I still enjoy this music but I don't really listen to it much like I did back in that phase. Thanks for stopping by here. I hope that you have been doing well lately. I still have alot of catching up to do on the computer so I hope to be visiting your blog soon.

Chelly - I'm glad that I'm not the only one who loves paneling. There sure were alot of fun times in that basement. The one here is creepy and much smaller. Basically just a storage area for all our totes and the laundry area. Yeah, my parents paid a good amount for that carpet so they were pretty upset about this too.

If I were into teen idols back then I definitely would've liked River Phoenix so I probably would've had posters of him instead of Tom Selleck on my wall too. I never thought about putting fashion photos on my wall, that's a good idea. I did have subscriptions to Seventeen and Young Miss mags. If we did hang out in my room back then it would have been nice to look through these, chat about cute guys and listen to my records. I bet that your bedroom must've been nice too.

I haven't gotten in much computer time this past week but I did read some of what you sent me. I'll try to spend more time on it on Friday. Thanks so much for the self help stuff that you sent me. I'm looking forward to reading this and your posts. I had internet connection problems today so the only thing that I was able to do was send my tennis photos to discs. I hope that you have been having a good week so far. Take care.

Pam@GoRetro said...

Ha! Lazlo's comment cracked me up!

I wish I had grown up with a basement with carpeting and wood paneling that could have been used as a fun room. Ours is cement and used to contain an airplane that was father was building before he passed away.

I agree that wood paneling can be nifty in small quantities and in the right space.

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