Monday, September 5, 2011

Just a Quick Post About the US Open - For Now

I have so much that I'd like to write about my 2011 US Open experience only I feel too darn sick to even be on the computer now so I will just make this a brief post. This is a picture taken at one of the booths at the tennis center. My brother and I entered a contest to win a Citizen watch and the chance to meet Kim Clijsters. The weather was wonderful all week, thank goodness. I should just be greatful that it was and that we even got to be there but I can't help but be upset about the fact that we lost power in just our 2 blocks in my small town for 4 days because of Hurricane Irene so we couldn't recharge our camera batteries until Wednesday night. I took alot of pictures on Monday and by the time of my main guy Melzer's match on Tuesday afternoon the battery was getting weaker so I wasn't able to take that many of him. Oh how I wish that I had been more conservative with the picture taking at other matches. More about this topic next time. I was so close to going myself for a 6th day on Saturday. The guy at the ticket booth said that there weren't any tickets available when I asked on Thursday night but to come back on 8:30 that morning. If I hadn't gotten this awful cold I definitely would've been there. I got sick after this event last year too which sucks but it was worth all the suffering that I'm going through now.

I did read some of my emails and comments on my posts and would like to thank Chelly, Pam, Darrin and all my other blog friends for their kind words and I certainly will respond to you all as soon as I'm feeling better. I'm looking forward to reading your posts too. I've missed everyone here. Hope that you all have been well these days.


Chelly said...

Yay! You're back. You were missed very much. I hope you feel better. We suffer for our passions don't we? So sweet. Sounds like you had a great time - sorry about the battery power though. That sucks, isn't it always the way? Can't wait to see the pics you did take though. You look great in that pic by the way. :)

LaraAnn said...

Thank you, Chelly. I felt like such a dork when the girl took it though. I didn't even know the right way to hold the racquet. Not sure when the winner of the contest is going to be revealed, I sure would like to have that Citizen watch. Despite the camera fiasco, I did enjoy myself. I just have to learn not to keep dwelling on the negative and remind myself how fortunate we were to actually be at this event.

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