Monday, October 27, 2008

seeing stars

My brother and Dad like to go to this event called ChillerTheatre where stars sign autographs. That's not really my thing but I went with them the last two times because my brother really wanted me to and he paid for my ticket. We went this past Saturday. It was extremely crowded and I was feeling very anxious. My brother really wanted Marina Sirtis and Linda Hamilton's autographs. We waited on one line for 2 hours just to get into the area where they were and then waited another 2 hours just for Linda's autograph. I was looking around at the other stars there. Ralph Macchio,Corey Haim, Catherine Bach, George Kennedy, and John Schneider. Part of me wanted to get John's autograph but I was too afraid to do so plus I had sworn that I'd never spend my money on such a thing. My brother said that I should do so though and so I got up enough courage and went over to his table. I just wish that he had been with me then he could've done most of the talking. I'm not good at socializing even with my own family. I shouldn't have said that you are the first one that I've ever bought an autograph of. Should've said that I had trouble deciding which picture to get because I like both Smallville and The Dukes of Hazzzard.He was nice and shook my hand.

I talked to a couple after this and said how nervous I had been. I also said that it's good to see all these stars but that I'd rather see my music stars. The guy asked me which ones would I like to meet and I was kind of embarrased to admit this but did so anyhow. He said "Simon LeBon,right?" Further embarrasment when I said that I like the bassist guy and said his name. Can't help that I have shame issues when it comes to my music and certain guys. I got back in line with my brother after that. He said that I should have gotten a Dukes photo and also had my picture taken with him like he does with stars. That costs extra though and besides that I don't like having my picture taken. Low self esteem issues as well.

We met up with our cousin Sal and went to a room that had Linda Evans, Morgan Fairchild and Angie Dickinson in it. Sal said that when he was in there with Dad earlier that he was going ga-ga over Linda Evans. Glad that I didn't see that. We then went out to the tent and saw Erik Estrada and Richard Hatch. Mark had met Richard before. He shook both of our hands. The actress who played the grandmother on Charmed was also there. We were talking to her for a bit. She was very nice. Jennifer Rhodes, I think. Forgot all about Barry Williams being out there. Not that upset that I didn't get to see Greg Brady.

We bought some 5x7 pictures in the vendor area. I got CSI-NY and Heroes. I was hoping that they'd have issues 1 and 2 of Supernatural magazine but they didn't-too expensive on ebay. I bet that Mark would've told John that our cousin Mary really loved Dukes and had a big crush on you. There were a few music stars there but nobody that I was interested in . Sal was happy about meeting Lita Ford. A Twisted Sister guy and Kiss guy were there too. I was just so glad when we left because I had a tension headache and was hungry. We went to White Castle afterwards. Don't really care for that but at that point I would've eaten anything. It's a tradition for the 2 of them to go there after these shows.

Mark regrets not getting some autographs in the past- Gates McFadden,Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman. My ex-boyfriend Mike liked going to these events also. I went to 4 of them with him. He got me autographs of 3 Voyager stars. I like that show but would've rather he bought me jewelry or CDs. I guess it's okay to have these though. I can't help but think that it feels like I'm at a zoo and the stars are like the animals on exhibit there. Allison says that maybe the stars sort of feel like that too. My brother is already looking forward to the next one. Eric, the guy in the 2nd line in front of us said that 2 of the stars that cancelled out for this one will be there-Burt Reynolds and Patty Duke. Not so sure that I'll go to that one yet. It's in April. Still exhausted mentally and physically from this one.

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