Monday, July 16, 2012

Old Cameras

We still have our old cameras, even the one that took the 110 type of film. I had a Kodak brand one like that but dad took it from me during the time that my parents were going through the divorce. I actually had to use the 2 Nikon film cameras at the US Open last year because of the power outage and not being able to recharge the digital cameras batteries. I had resisted so long in going digital but now wish that I had gotten this type of camera years before December of 2008. I don't ever want to get rid of our old cameras though. Haven't used to Canon one since the early 1990s at a figure skating show. That detachable zoom lens sure is heavy as is the camera.

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Chelly said...

I like your collection of cameras. In the 70s we had a Practica. We also had a Polaroid. I loved using that. I love using digital but the non-digital cameras are really lovely too.

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