Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Spring! - Easter is on it's way

The Easter bunny has already been spotted in my neighborhood - a little early but that's okay. The picture came out a bit fuzzy buy this is such a cute bunny. The Easter basket photo is from last year - we got all these Russell Stover eggs when they were half price after the holiday which is what we'll be doing again this year for these and the Gertrude Hawk Smidgens at the mall. We did get some from there this past weekend though - solid dark chocolate for me and peanut butter-milk chocolate for my brother. I have lots of Easter Beanie Babies and these are just a few. Easter was always my second fav holiday behind Christmas and I love all our decorations from both.

1 comment:

Chelly said...

Your neighborhood bunny is adorable!! What a great post this is. A lovely welcome into Spring and Easter. I've always loved this holiday so much.

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