Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Decorations 6

I had drawn a picture based on this Easter placemat in the bottom photo back in the early 1980s but I foolishly used it for my Spanish project for this holiday in high school. My teacher liked it alot and I was too afraid to ask her to give it back to me. I redid the drawing in the late 80s but it's not as good. Mom liked it though, she even bought a frame for it. I used some cute Easter stickers for the other handmade decoration, also done in the early 80's. We got the color cling on one at our grocery store a couple of years ago

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Chelly said...

I love your illustrations Lara! If your teacher kept the original it must have been absolutely brilliant. I wish we were friends in childhood because I can see that we were doing lots of similar arts and crafts during the Easter weekend! We would've had a blast. :)

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