Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Christmas Decorations 2- Snoopy and Scooby

I got the Scooby ornaments at the Warner Brothers store at our Woodbridge Mall and in CVS in the mid or late 90's. I also have been collecting the Scooby, Snoopy and the Muppets Hallmark ornaments. I didn't think to take photos of those when I was going through my decorations to better organize them. I haven't really decorated for Christmas since the late 90's. We have so many decorations. My favourite are the ones from my childhood, esp. handmade items.


Pam@GoRetro said...

LaraAnn--it was great to hear from you the other day, and I hope you've been well! I've missed your comments. This post brings back memories because I still have a set of glossy ceramic Peanuts ornaments that my mother bought in the 70s. I think they came from Jordan Marsh. I'll have to try to take photos and post them because they're still so cute. I wonder if they're worth anything as well. It's fun to pull out old ornaments that have a history in the family. Have a great day.

Chelly said...

Lara: Scooby and Peanuts. I am totally lovin' that! :) I'm always in awe of how carefully you preserve family heirlooms, artifacts etc. What an amazing collection you have.

Pam: your Peanuts ornaments sound so cool.

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LaraAnn said...

Pam and Chelly - I'm just catching up on everything in the blog world recently so sorry it took me so long to get back to you about the wonderful comments that you have left for me here. It's always nice to hear from you both as well. I think about you often and feel bad that I don't visit your blogs much these days but I'm going to try to make up for it now.

Pam - those Peanuts ornaments sound like they are so beautiful- I would love to see them someday. I'm sure that they must be worth something. I'm glad that I brought back such good memories for you. I didn't start collecting the Snoopy ones until the mid 1990s and wish that I had been getting them all along. I like them even more than my Scooby ornaments.

Chelly - I knew that you'd love my small Peanuts holiday collection. I wanted to take photos of all the Hallmark ornaments too but that project just seems too overwhelming for me now and I'm so afraid that I'll mess them up. I do try to be very careful with all of our stuff - thanks for the compliments about this and my collection.

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