Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My 2 Tennis Guys/2010 US Open

My brother and I were at the US Open for the first 6 days this year. Last year was the first time that we ever went and it was for 4 days. I haven't been following the tennis for that long - 2006 US Open. I was depressed that my mom was in the hospital and wanted to watch The Price Is Right but tennis was on which at first I was mad about and was thinking so boring but the 2 guys were kind of cute - Haas and Ginepri - so I kept it on. If they hadn't been cute, would I have changed the station? I was so stupid that I didn't think that there would be any more tennis until late spring of the next year so I missed out on the Australian Open and other events.

Anyhow, getting back to the present, my brother and I didn't add the 6th day until a week before this event. Last year it was only a few days before it that I printed out the tickets on my computer because it wasn't until then that I had overcome my fear of going there. I wish that I had been able to in 2007 and 2008. This time I ordered the tickets the very day that they went on sale.

Haas and a couple of my other guys were out injured but I had plenty of other guys to see, including the 2 pictured above. The top one is American Mardy Fish and the bottom photo is of Austria's Jurgen Melzer. I was at 2 full 5 set matches for both of them plus one set of Fish's 2nd round match, 2 sets of Melzer's third round match and nearly all 3 of his doubles match and a total of 3 sets for 2 of Fish's doubles. I wish that I could have been at all of Melzer's third round but it was going on at the same time as Fish and I made the decision to stick with that until the end.

The weather was very, very hot the first 4 days and still kind of hot on the 5th. Last year we didn't apply sunscreen much and got burned. In fact, the first day I totally forgot the sunscreen and got a painful burn. This year I did a better job of sunscreen application, although I still did get a bit burned.

I met some really nice people at this event like Bob and Jim who let me hang out with them at the one Fish match and afterwards. There was Igor at the Youzhny match. That day there was a 30 minute rain delay. We were lucky that this is all the rain that occured during our time there. Brian and Kathy from Canada and a few others also were nice. I'm usually very shy and not good at socializing but I seemed to do okay at this event.

Our day was very long - up at 4:30, catch the 5:59 train and get there by 8:00. I have the whole schedule of am and pm routines in my journal. I might include this in a part 2 of this topic. Right now I am feeling very tired because I am still feeling sick. My brother and I both got sick from these long, hot days at the US Open. This is the sickest that I've been in a very long time. It started 11 days ago. Even though we are suffering this illness because of that, I still can say that I had a good time being at this event and hope that my financial situation will allow me to go again next year. I'm not too positive about this though.

I've really missed being here and reading everyone's posts. I will try to slowly catch up on this. I have alot of stuff to do that I had to put off for the past 2 weeks like laundry and sorting through the many photos that I took at this event and need to send them to the Walgreens site for printing out. I took too many at some matches and not enought at others. Many of them didn't turn out that great.

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